Friday, July 24, 2015

Majek Fashek now roaming the streets in Niger State?

Majek might be losing it already.. have you heard this saying that: 'Not everyone who is well dressed is a sane man!' According to the person who took the pictures (WukedP). Majek Fashek was seen on the streets of Suleja roaming about. He said:
So I was coming back from Minna with a friend, when we got to Suleja Niger state we stopped by Ecobank Atm to get some cash, but to my shocking surprise I saw a man looking rough and unkempt also on the Queue waiting, but that's not the it, the main surprise was another man sitting by the small back wall demarcation smoking, (twas Majek)

I tried my best to take this few shots, anyways the Atm was not dispensing cash anymore so we decided to go inside the bank premises cos that one was outside and, when I entered the bank I turned back only to see them leaving the arm spot and strolling crossing the main road, the guy on dread with him was the one who became the traffic Warden who stopped vehicles for Majek, saw them going till I lost Em, MY question is, what is Majek doing in Suleja??

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