Friday, July 10, 2015

Male student stabbed to death in Kaduna school hostel

Mohammed Sani, a19-year-old student of Government Technical College, Malali in Kaduna north local government area of Kaduna state, was yesterday found dead on his bed in the school hostel with machete cuts on his body.  
According to the father of the deceased, Alhaji Harisu Sani, he received a call from the Principal of the School around 4:30 am. He asked if he was the father of Mohammed Sani and upon confirmation, he was instructed to rush down to the school because his son is dead.

“Based on this, I dashed to the school thinking my son passed away in his sleep but when I arrived at his hostel, I saw him in the pool of his own blood, stabbed on the right side of his chest with a sharp object which I suspected to be a knife.’’

“What baffled me most was that there are about 200 students in the hostel and I wonder why none of them saw the killer or killers and did not raise any alarm. I believe that my son was killed by somebody within. The school authority and the state government should tell me what happened to my son because as a boarding student, he was in their custody” he said.

Speaking in the same vein, the Uncle of Late Mohammed Sani, Mallam Mohammed Kabir said from available information to the family, this is the third case of a student being murdered within the school premises and no suspect has been arrested so far.

Mallam Kabir also expressed dismay that just across the fence of the school, along Jaji road are brothels accommodating prostitutes and on several occasions, people who patronized them often scaled the fence of the school into the college for safety anytime they ran into trouble.


  1. Awwwww this is really bad? That haPpened in an hostel and no one could raise alarm? There should be more to it!!!!! They should investigate

    Now you have to be scared of leaving your children in the boarding house

  2. Definitely this is a planned work.

  3. Malali! That's my area... who could have murder this young boy? May be school curts members. all is well.

    Check out: Uthman saheed's blog

  4. There is more to this gist. May the soul of the deceased find rest