Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Many killed as Boko Haram slits residents’ throats

Boko Haram gunmen killed dozens of people in four villages in northeast Nigeria, slitting some residents’ throats and opening fire on others, one resident and the police said on Tuesday.                                                                      
“Boko Haram gunmen came into our villages at night, killing 43 people,” said Sheriff Kulo, from Kilwa village near Monguno, who escaped to the Borno state capital, Maiduguri.
The Borno state police commissioner, Aderemi Padokun, confirmed the attacks.
“From what we heard, the gunmen raided these villages. They shot dead their victims and in some cases slit their throats. They also carted away foodstuffs and livestock,” he said.
“We don’t have details of the actual number of people killed in the attack but I can confirm it happened.”



  1. God please why are you quiet on Boko Haram issue?

  2. Hnnnnmmm! May the souls of the dead rest in peace