Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Near tragedy as British Airways flight was force to make emergency landing at Heathrow with engine on fire

Thank God for tragedy averted as a British Airways flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Heathrow with one engine on fire after exhausted engineers worked on the wrong aircraft.                                                       
An Air Accident Investigation Bureau report (AAIB) found that blundering engineers had accidentally left the plane's engine covers unlatched during maintenance operations at Heathrow.

Two nightshift engineers had intended to return to top up the oil and latch the fan cowls, but had gone back to an entirely different plane, which was a different model, on a different stand.
Passengers were left terrified when the covers of both engines blew off and one of them burst into flames on the flight of an A319 from London to Oslo in May 2013.
The pilot was forced to return to the airport on one damaged engine, making an emergency landing after while the plane scatted chunks of metal, some weighing up to 37kg, across the runway.


  1. Wow! Thank God no life was lost

  2. To God be the glory the tragedy was averted