Friday, July 24, 2015

Nicki Minaj's ex, Safaree showers lovely words on his new girl

Safaree Samuels had another Twitter fight with his Ex girl rapper Nicki Minaj yesterday where he blasted his ex for reaching out to him while she is with another man. The upcoming rapper has been very vocal about his relationship with Nicki and how she made him feel less than a man.                       He shared the photo above on his page and gave a shout out to his current girl telling her she makes him feel how a man is supposed to feel. The big deal here is she gave him a manly make up session. He Said;
I had a photoshoot yesterday.. Felt good to have some1 genuinely rooting for me and holding me down... I dnt ever wear make up but she forced powder on me and brushed my goatee ����.she also made me get a make me feel how a man is suppose to feel. Feels good to be uplifted by ya woman.. thank you ��. Fyi shes 1 of the best make-up artist I've ever seen in the world and i know a good make-up artist when i see 1. Respect to all the lovely make-up artist all over the world! NYC its going down this weekend.. SHOWTIME #stuntgang
While Nicki Minaj did not reply him directly , she tweeted a single word "Numb".

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  1. Dem don chop bellefull ni