Saturday, July 04, 2015

Rella's Blog: Let's strike a deal!

This is a very big deal for me. So here is the deal my beautiful friends and readers: You promise to like my Facebook page and I promise to always keep you posted with eye watery and trendy news straight to your Facebook wall in return, fair enough?.

I know even before I asked, you have done so. Thanks for your continued and amazing readership. Please faithful US visitors do take time out to like Rella's Blog Facebook page, it's just one click away on the blog's sidebar.

By the way, am on Instagram please follow me there so as to help my ministry, *hides face* I've got about 5 or so followers. Am tired of being a spectator on Instagram biko..

Instagram: rellaidiovo
Facebook Page:
Telephone: +2348071399577

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  1. Lolz, Pele. I will follow you right away.

  2. I will like and follow. Your ministry must move forward

  3. Well done sweetie, your ministry must definitely move forward

  4. Its really a going that straight away. Have a nice weekend.