Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Russia issues selfie rules after dozens die while taking selfies

Seriously they need to implement this all over the world! Though Nigeria are a life bit on the down side with the crazy and endangering selfie ish.. of course because they love their lives to pieces.  The Russian Interior Ministry has launched a “Safe Selfie” campaign encouraging citizens not to put their lives at risk for “‘likes’ on social media.” UPI reports:             
The campaign, announced Tuesday by ministry official Yelena Alekseyeva, features a booklet with illustrations of selfie-taking no-nos including posing with firearms, climbing an electrical pylon, standing in front of an oncoming train or car, hanging from a rooftop and getting close to wildlife.
“Even a million ‘likes’ on social media are not worth your life and well-being,” the campaign’s motto reads.

“Today technical advances do not stand still, but with all the advantages there are new challenges and threats,” Alekseyeva said. “Our booklet reminds you of how to take a safe selfie, so it is not the last one you will ever take.”

The ministry said the booklets will be distributed at public events and to students in Russian schools.


  1. who said that it is not needed in Nigeria when girls want to blind my eye with flashlight everyday.

  2. what selfie wqill cause eehn! now we have a selfie stick