Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Social workers find 7 yrs old boy living with pigs in his family home

Seven-year-old Liu Hongbo was found living with a family of pigs which has made it unable for him to communicate with humans.

His family home in Fangyu City was visited by Social workers, when they found the boy in one of the pig pens, covered in filth and dirt and with bruises and cuts all over his body.
The alarm was raised after pictures were posted on social media showing the boy riding with a pig in the back of his father's farm tricycle.

After he was identified and tracked down by local media, neighbours revealed the boy, identified as seven-year-old Liu Hongbo, was often heard crying after being beaten by his mother
One said: "When somebody goes round sometimes to tell her to stop, she just smiles as if nothing has happened. She's always beating him and throwing him around the house."

When he was found, he was sleeping outside on a pile of clothes in an empty pigpen and "smelt like a pig" but the social workers, from a nearby children's home, were unable to take him away as they need permission from city officials before being able to intervene.

He apparently cannot speak, although despite the neglect the experts believe, if put into a normal environment, he might still learn to speak and have a normal life.
Reports has it that the boy has been sent to stay with his aunt and will be admitted to a local hospital for a physical examination.

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  1. His blood will be on their heads if any thing happens to him. If they know they wouldn't be able to take care of him they shouldn't have given birth

  2. This story brought tears to my eyes. Thank God for those social workers