Friday, July 03, 2015

Susan Peters reveals why most female celebrities are unmarried

Y'all know how a lady turns a preacher when she has stayed long in the game. Although she's yet to be married,  popular Nollywood actress Susan Peters whose elder sister wedded over the weekend knows the reasons most Nigerian female celebrities are unmarried.                   
Ms Peters expressed that single ladies are fond of waiting for a long time before finally getting married because they are waiting for Mr. Right.
Though the dream of every lady especially Nigerians is to get married to the most perfect man but according to her many of them have remained unmarried late into their forties all in the name of waiting on the right man.
“There is nothing like Mr. Right, you will wait forever if you are looking for that. No one is perfect, just deal and learn to adjust to ones flaws. Human beings just like to deceive themselves.
I am waiting for a rich guy or I’m waiting for a born again Christian. There is no such thing, only few people have the true meaning of fear of God. As each day passes, we offend God with our thoughts and words, and God still forgives.
Those who claim Mr. Right are the ones who end up betraying.
“For the records, everyone’s father trained them to the level they are, so both parties should be able to train each other if they are willing to learn. I too have my flaws but a man who truly loves me and not my person will be able to deal with it, she stated.


  1. i totally agree wth her.

  2. No perfect men anywhere so also we lack perfect woman. So many men on the street but no husbands to be.

  3. Susan Peters, please tell them. If you're waiting for Mr Right, then you'll have to wait forever