Monday, July 27, 2015

Wedding guest drops a child to the floor during bouquet toss so she can reach for the flowers

A bride refused to throw her flowers into the air at a wedding I attended some time ago, care to know why?, she says she rather adorn her bedroom with the flowers than throw it just for fun.. yeah she sees it as a fun thing at weddings. So I don't get the attachments ladies put to it..

In a video that has gone viral, a lady is so intent on catching the flowers that she seems to forget she is holding a small child.
As they fly towards her, the girl lets go of the child and reaches both hands into the air.

The little girl crashes to the floor and tumbles over but appears to escape without any injuries.
And despite the best efforts of the girl who dropped her, the flowers are caught by someone behind who is taller than her..lolz. 


  1. You can imagine! All because of ordinary flower. Nawaaaaaa

  2. Imagine because of flower. The girl who caught my bouquet returned it back to me