Monday, August 03, 2015

Shanghai man's lower leg amputated after getting trapped in escalator

A Shanghai man's lower leg has been amputated after becoming trapped in a mall escalator, the third serious escalator-related accident in China in a week.
The 35-year-old man, surnamed Zhang, was a cleaner at the Cloud Nine shopping mall in Shanghai's Zhongshan Park, state media said.            
Video surveillance footage shows him cleaning with a mop on Saturday evening before one of the escalator's metal floor panels give way, trapping his left lower leg.
Firefighters eventually rescued the man and he was sent to hospital where his leg was amputated from the calf down.
"The doctor said in order to prevent (the) situation from getting worse, they amputated his left calf," a family member of the victim told Xinhua
An investigation into the accident is still underway but the latest state media reports say the victim violated operation regulations by not shutting the escalator down first before cleaning it.
It is the third escalator incident in China this past week that has resulted in a serious injury or fatality.

P.S: I am deeply sorry for the long absence of updates on this blog this past weekend. It was one of my busiest ever.. Thanks for your understanding!. 

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  1. It's alright Rella, there are days one is expected to be occupied with other issues of life. Back to the story, China has got to look into this case of escalator resulting to either death or fatal injuries. It's becoming more than necessary.